Thursday, July 16

Our first nephew is born!

July 10th. Born to J + S.

We now have 3nieces and 1nephew

Saturday, February 14

"long live life"

Christopher and my new favorite song and video:

Viva La Vida - Coldplay


Monday, December 22

My new favorite restaurant. Too bad they are only in SoCal. We went to the one in Burbank near Los Angeles. I especially love the name and logo. If they ever make shirts with it, I want one :)

Tuesday, October 21

'nough said ;)

I am happy that I will have the opportunity one day to be a Mother
I am happy to say I worked at Quiznos for three years
I am happy I married 1.5 years before I planned to . . .the Mr. is also very happy, he would have waited though :)
I am happy I married in the right place
I am happy to say I am from the West Side
I am happy to be a ninja for Halloween two years in a row
I am happy to have a 4 lb. chihuahua puppy
I am happy to admit I've made love in many many places
I am happy I graduated from the high school with the highest population of gays/lesbians in Utah. Not because of that, of course.
I am happy with my body
I am happy I was named after my grandmother and her mother and her aunt and . . .
I am happy that I ran track for five years and went to State twice in the 4x400 meter relay
I am happy that I am Mormon
I am happy to be an aunt of three adorable girls
I am happy to honestly say that my husband is totally WONDERFUL
I am happy that we can love each other into the eternities
I am happy my brothers went on missions, and happy that my sister got married after she received a mission call
I am happy I played a lot of sports growing up
I am happy I finally bought white sheets, He has been wanting some for two years. White is his favorite color.
I am happy that my sweet husband makes dinner a few times a week. I love you!
I am happy I grew up with good friends
I am happy to drink water straight from the garden hose
I am happy that excellent music is so accessible
I am happy to admit I love dark creamy Dove chocolate
I am happy I own my very own Chinese straight sword. Its real sharp
I am happy to live in my in-laws basement apartment, and I am so grateful we get along
I am happy I kinda turned out to be a tomboy
I am happy I have such a fun, amazing family that spends lots of time together
I am happy to say that I indulge with a Dr. Pepper once in a long while
I am happy to admit we go on sneaky, dangerous, slightly illegal ninja-missions

Thursday, October 2

Welcome Home Doty!!!

I am super excited that J.R. is home from his mission!
I cant wait to talk to him and hang out with him.
His farewell is October 19th in West Valley
Call me if you want his house phone number :)

Friday, September 26


Christopher and I have just ordered an air purifier online.
We are super duper excited. Especially me.
I have done a lot of research the past two-three weeks and we finally narrowed down our choices to one, supreme machine.
It will arrive sometime next week. :)

Monday, September 22


21 months and counting


Good idea in our modern un-catholic lives?
What do you think? yay or nay?
We are thinking it would be a fun idea

Tell us what YOU think

Step Up:

-I have a new job and I love it.
Busy, but it makes the workday fly.
The enviornment is much better than the old. The folks at the old place are hunting me, so I can say where I am :) I kinda up an left. Left them hanging and scrambling without a leader. and that pleases me. I could have made it worse, but I stayed a couple extra months to make the leave easier on the lot of them.
any one wanna go egging? I know this one guy who lives in Lehi who needs it ;) just playing, maybe . . .

-its also two great movies.

Friday, September 12

Note to N

Just wanted you to know I think about you alot more than you think :) Thanks for the B-man tickets and thanks for the invites to B games! Hope you had fun at the DMB concert, we loved Jack the week before. ...wait... was it cancelled? I heard on the breeze that it may have been, sorry. I am always getting When Harry met Sally stuck in my head, and when I do it reminds me of you.

Thanks for linking yours up with mine :)
Oh, and we LOVE pandora

Tuesday, July 15

Quote of the Day

I went into the woods to die, only to learn that I hadn't lived.

- Henry David Throeau

This post has been borrowed (stolen) from Our Friendly Doty :)

I vow to NEVER let this happen to me. No the stolen part, but the dieing part

Tuesday, July 1

The 3rd Niece

New Arrival


Weight 7lbs 4 oz Length 20 3/4 in

June 29th @8:53p

One hour after birth


One Day old :)

Saturday, June 28

I dont want to grow up

I wanna be a kid again.
Stay up late playing night games.
Riding bikes. racing. pennies on train tracks.
bunnies in the yard. hammocks. shaded grass.
Popsicles. ice cream man. make believe. imagination.

creativity is now dead. rules. boundaries. regulations.
duties. Jobs. Money. Responsibilites.
to do lists. ironing. chains holding me down.
I am tired of my job. I am weary of my grown up life.

I just want to go out and play in the sun all day.
I want to jump on the tramp.
I want to run through the sprinklers.
No more driving. no more gas prices. no more stock market. no more economy worries.
Just plain and simple freedom

Thursday, April 3

My first name is German and my last name is Scottish and Irish

Across the Universe

Great Music! Great Story!
But DO NOT watch it unless its seriously edited.
Nudity, nudity and some more nudity.
I turned off the movie before it was half over.
But like I said: Great Music and Great story!

Jude (Jim Sturgess) has an amazing voice!
For a sample of the songs click here: MUSAK
The movie is also a bit weird, but typical for beatles :D
Thanks -Shakes
P.S I am so happy to have found my password for Blogger!

Thursday, August 30

Annie's Song -John Denver

You fill up my senses
Like a night in a forest,

Like the mountains in springtime,
Like a walk in the rain,
Like a storm in the desert,

Like a sleepy blue ocean.
You fill up my senses,
Come fill me again.

Come let me love you,
Let me give my life to you,

Let me drown in your laughter,
Let me die in your arms.

Like a storm in the desert,
Like a sleepy blue ocean.

Come let me love you,
Come love me again.

I LOVE the lyrics, but not so much the voice singin'
Hello all!!
It has been two long months since I have written.
And its not because nothing has happened…
I have a new niece, which was born on Peachy Queen's birthday.
I have been camping up to the land of potatoes.
Two of my coworkers quit to go partying at Dixie College
I now have a new one! It’s been awhile since I have worked with a friend of the same faith :D
The Hubbie is back in school and now working part-time.
The puppy is adorable as always! She has recently begun her second heat though.
I have drastically chopped off my hair for the second time since I’ve gotten married.
A friend of mine says I can no longer switch my men, so I switch my hair :)

Tuesday, June 12

Sun Tunnels

In an abandoned town in a Utah desert lays a giant piece of artwork. It may come as a great unknown secret to some, but the artwork has been around for over 30 years.

The Sun Tunnels are set up to align with the summer and winter solstices, at these times the sun is centered exactly through the Sun Tunnels. Ten inch holes are cut into the concrete piping so that constellations can be seen through the holes at night. The holes align with four constellations-Perseus, Draco, Columbia and Capricorn.

Nancy Holt, the creator of the Sun Tunnels, constructed her artwork in 1976. Holt's late husband, Robert Smithson, is the creator of the Spiral Jetty located on the Great Salt Lake. The Spiral Jetty is made of mud, salt crystals and basalt rocks. It's shaped in a counter clockwise coil and lays 15 feet wide and 1500 feet long.

To view the Sun Tunnels, take I-80 west from Salt Lake City to Wendover to Oasis Nevada. Take Nevada #233 to Highway 30. Turn right at the first road, drive 5 miles to Lucin. Cross over the railroad tracks for two miles, turn left for two miles then turn right for about a mile. --Tina Brown

Thursday, May 17

New Ride

As many of you know, Mr.McGee and I have been sharing our cute little Honda Civic named Elph for the last five months. Our schedules have recently changed and I must now stay at work an extra hour every evening. I have been doing my homework and finally found a decent car for us to call #2. I went to check it out, test drive it and give it the Terry inspection last night. We set a price and shoke hands. I am going to the elderly couples home tonight with McGee to swap a cashiers check with their title and a few signatures.
I am happy to have a nice new car. I would have preferred more time to look, but we got a good deal.

Specs: 2000 Nissan Altima GXE, 2.4-liter 4cyl engine, 5-spd manual, 104k miles, 4-dr sedan, power everything but seats, big trunk, no wrecks, oil change every 2k miles, CD player, bronzy-silver color, never smoked in, no stains, simply nice!

I go to pick it up now. Ta-tah!

Tuesday, May 8

We have decided to name her Mei-mei (Pronounced May-May). Which means Little Sister in Mandarin.

To a chipmunk who isnt:

We plan on coming Wednesday after I get off work if I can find your gift to us. We'll be visiting a store afterwards. So our visit will be shortened. I found you. Thanks for teaching me how to from kurticus. Cant wait to see you. I am glad I never dated you ;)

Tuesday, May 1

Updates on the Newsletter

Goodness. The day after the April Newsletter was due I cut my hair. I took off 6-8 inches. Its above my shoulders in a VERY cute A-line doo! Its easy to do and much better looking than ever before. My boss says its short and SASSY! I agree. Everyone has been complimenting me and my new look. Life is great!

Saturday Christopher and I were given a puppy. She is a Chihuahua! She is only six months old. She is white, and weighs 3.5 lbs and will only get to be 5 lbs. We have been trying out names the past few days and have yet to choose one. We got her for Free because her sweet owner, who is one of CMs high school friends, moved to a sm. apt and didnt want to pay $250 to keep her there. Chihuahuas are usually ~$600.00 so we are lucky we got her and all her toys, food, leash, carrier for free too! The BEST part is that she is litter trained! Crazy huh? I never heard of a puppy who uses a little box to go potty in before, but its wonderful!

Soon I will put up a picture okay!

Here are a few of the names we've been playing with:
Princess, Peanut, Little Sister, Muy Muy, Siu Long, Little Dragon, Pretty, Sweet Pea and many more. I shall let you know if we ever agree on one. Let me know which is YOUR favorite

Friday, April 27

I dont feel as unique as I thought I was:

There are 63,356 Girls in the United States with my FIRST name.

There are 25 Girls in the U.S. with my FULL MAIDEN name.

And 20 Girls in the U.S. with my FULL MARRIED name!!

Friday, April 20

We were bored, so we wrote a story for you

Morena: Once atop an hour, there was a boy of about ten years old, (we'll call him Tom) and while he was walking through a pond in the middle of a luscious forest, he suddenly heard a sound from behind him.

Mr. Locher: And he turned around, but he never saw anyone so he started to walk faster

Morena: ...he spashed through the shallow pond as he began to jog. The sound behind him was following quickly. He looked over his shoulder and could still see NOTHING!!! What was following him? The air itself seemed to be creating the dull, yet deep moan that was penetrating him to the core. Tom was scared. He felt like a tough little kid, he didnt think anything could scare him. Just this morning he had killed a HUGE probably-poisonous spider in his Uncles barn while milking cows. He even ran around with its dead body mangled and hanging limply from the stick he had stabbed it with.

It had been chilly the past week and finally today the sun was out and warming the fields and forest near the farm. He was so pleased with the weather that he decided to take a walk in the forest. The walk that might get him killed. He reached the other side of the pond and ran back into the density of the brush. Maybe he could lose what ever was
following him if he took many confusing turns....

Mr. Locher: he decided to go back where he first heard the sound, being an idiot and tired he decided to rest for a bit. Well while waiting and catching his breath, the Loch Ness Monster came and ended his life. He will be sadly missed.

Morena: "Hey!!! I liked him! Why did you have to kill him! Didnt you mean to write the Locher Ness Monster?"

Mr. Locher: so u caught the loch ness part hehe sorry its not my fault he decided to rest!

Tuesday, April 17

I am certainly surprised that anyone still checks this blog, but I am very happy that you do!!!

I got myself a raise last Friday; here is my story:
I work at UFCU and I love it. Mr.McGee came to my work after he was off work and told me that his employer was hiring a new receptionist. I would be paid a dollar more and I would be working in an awesome place, with many very nice people, including my sweet husband! I went over there and talked to everyone (many other friends work there too) and they all wanted me. The girl who was hiring offered me an interview that same day. There were SO many reasons why I wanted to leave here and go work just down the street....

...yet, I love my job here. I thought about it for many days and I finally told my manager about the opportunity I had been offered. I told him I would give my final decision the next day. That evening was rough as I tried to decide. I even wrote out a PROS and CONS list for both.
The next morning my manager called me into his office and told me how much he appreciates me and all my efforts. He said many very nice things. The best of which was that he would offer me a buck-fifty raise if I stayed. So I took the generous offer and I do not regret it.

The major draw that the other job had was the money anyways. Since I love what I am doing, and love the new pay, why go anywhere else now? My employers have been so good to us. I work less than a mile from home and I get all the silly holidays off!
I am so blessed!

I hope you are all having good luck with your jobs! I love you all!

Tuesday, April 10

Hello All!
Its been a very long time since I have talked to many of you and I miss you so very much.
I am doing wonderful. Married life is going smoothly. We loved conference and cant wait for next months Ensign to come out. The two of us went camping during Christophers spring break. We went out to the desert since it was snowing in the mountains. We had a great time and built a huge bonfire in the middle of the dugway valley!

I bought two dozen eggs and CM and I colored them for FHE last week. For Easter dinner we went to the Terrys. J and S and my sweet niece were all there. S is pregnant and its been fun now that she is feeling well. We had our annual Easter egg hunt. Even though we are all either old or too young, we still have loads of fun doing it.

My sister W and S just got back from New York where they have been for four months doing an internship. The whole family now has 'I love NY' shirts. They went to so many museums that they dont want to see one ever again :D

Work has been great at UFCU. No complaints at all. I will likely stay working here as long as I can, which could be at most four years. CM and I share a cute green Honda Civic. I bought it with my own money that I saved up before we got married! We are however looking for a second car, but we wont be needing it till the end of summer.

CM has only two weeks left till the semester is over!!! I am more excited than he, because he chose a schedule that kept him at school three nights a week and that was no fun. I would only get to see him for a few minutes on Tues,Wed and Thurs. During summer he is going to just take one class in the morning and work full time as a Physical Therapy Aid.
Well I had better go clock in and get back to work. Love you all!!!

Wednesday, February 21

Many years ago when I first began driving, I loved it so very much. The freedom. The world had finally been opened up to me. I loved driving so much that I would fill up my tank with my allowance money and drive all the way to Heber for a shake. I would even drive across the border to Wyoming in the summer, just to find a friendly park and read a favorite book under a tree. It was the ride there I loved the most. Knowing that my parents trusted me to be back by midnight. Knowing that if I needed them, I could call with my new cell phone. I could go wherever I wanted as long as my debit card had money.
I would turn up my stereo and listen to all my favorite songs over and over again. I would sing loudly and no one objected to my unpracticed voice. I loved driving through the canyons.

If only gas prices were lower I would do it all again!

Saturday, January 20

I am sitting in my apartment staring at my husbands’ laptop. He is at SLCCs library doing lots of math homework that is due tonight. After that he has to work on his six page Chemistry assignment that is due on Thursday. Goodness they have started this year out tough.

I still work at UFCU as the head teller, I absolutely love it there. They gave me a second fifty-cent raise at the beginning of the year! They also hook me up with a two hundred dollar retention bonus every quarter.

I am currently sitting at a square card table which serves as our dining table. It has a folded twin-size sheet on it which is our tablecloth. We have cupboards but no countertop nor kitchen sink. Only three outlets work in the entire apartment. One has a space heater plugged in, the other is in the bathroom, and the final one takes turns charging our cell phones.

I have been making at least one good meal everyday. I made breakfast last week and made pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and I sliced a banana. On Sundays we have been going to eat with either the McGee parents or the Terry family. This means we have leftovers on Mondays. The other day I made a huge pot of shell noodles and put a whole jar of spaghetti sauce and tuna in it. He loved it! –Dang we are eating good for newlyweds. Especially because we still have lots of cake and cinnamon rolls left. Did you guys know that the cinnamon rolls that were at my reception were made by Kneaders? They are a super delicious bakery that everyone around Midvale loves.
Well I had better get some dishes done in the bathroom sink and then start some laundry. I’ll write again soon :)

Monday, December 11


Tomorrow will be my last day with Tonero. We are taking him away, for good.
I will be taking my things out in the morning and bidding my last farewells.
I havent even been able to drive him the last week. He decided to croak on the way to Micky-Ds last friday. My little Brother had to push him off the road. Bummer! I am glad it wasnt me on my way to work though.

The wedding countdown is now FIVE days!!!
This weekend I will be marrying the love of my life! Wow, it seemed like time moved so slowly awhile ago, and then BAM five simple days left. Incredible.
I am so dang excited. I am so filled with gratitute as plans have come together and things have worked out. Its been tough. I had no idea getting married was going to be so time consuming :D

I love you McGee!!!

Thursday, November 30

My little black Tonero, which is a 1990 Toyota Camry, is living his last days.
Like me, he doesnt like the bitter cold much and he has seen far too many Winters.

Current symptoms:
-Crack in glass (the cold is making it grow daily)
-he needs a prayer to start (sometimes two)
-overheats (yes, in the winter. plan crazy)
-heater doesnt work (pile on the sweaters folks)
-head.gaskets are practically blown

(I refill coolant every couple days)
-Idle speed is somewhere around 10mph
(this means he leaps when I take my foot off the brake)
-Alignment is now a sharp right.

(dont let go of the wheel or you may flip a U w/out meaning to)
-He died on my way to the Fiances house yesturday

(good thing I wasnt going to work)

I could go on, but its just too hard for me to admit that I dont have enough money to fix him. He legally belongs to my father, but I have been driving him for the past three years. We predict that he'll be in the dump before too soon...sad. sad. sad

I will miss you Tonero!! You have been so good to me for so long...

Sunday, November 26

My life is in a place where time moves most curiously.
Sometimes it is not passing nearly fast enough and other times it simply FLIES.

I have recently been thinking about how strange it is that weddings take months to plan and they are overwith in one day. My reception has been quite stressful for us, especially for my sweet mother. She has been working full-time on this event the past few months. My fiance Christopher and I decided to go with an oriental theme. He went to Hong Kong on his mission, so he loves that stuff. And I have had loads of fun shopping for it.

TWENTY DAYS LEFT!!! Amazing. I am realizing that (without knowing it) I have been planning and preparing myself for this step my entire life. I never thought I would get married so young, so soon. Just look back to my January 3rd blog. I made it a goal to not get married yet :D

Christopher McGee is an amazing guy! It would only take someone as incredible as he, to sweep me off my feet :) I love him so much and I cant wait to marry him!

Friday, October 6

A simple guide to living with Gc

First- When you take ice from the ice tray, refill it before putting it back in the freezer.
Second- I dont mind if the toilet seat is up as long as its cleaned regularly.
Third- Put the pitcher back in the fridge when your done. And dont waste tap-water while waiting for it to get cold.
Fourth- Tuck me in at night and occasionally sing or kiss me to sleep.
Fifth- If you put the last roll of toilet paper on the holder let me know so I can buy some more before its gone.
Sixth- A closed door means I cant come in. A cracked door means I must knock first and and open door means feel free.
Seventh- Rinse your dishes. What takes fifteen seconds now will take fifteen minutes later.
Eighth- When going number two, flush every few minutes.
Ninth- Tell me you love me even when I have morning breath and messy hair.
Sixth- Water glasses can be used many times before they are dirty.
Seventh- Dont leave cupboard doors open; I dont like them knocking me out in the middle of the night when I am lurking around for a drink.
Eighth- Sneak up on me and kiss me on the back of the neck occasionally.
Ninth-If you discover the full garbage can, empty it rather than letting it pile up.
Tenth- Heat things up with me while I am making dinner ;)

....more to come soon......

Music Video


Press pause and be very very patient . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . then press Play

Tuesday, August 22

When I was younger, and totally infatuated with my best friend of fourteen years, I asked him if I were brutally murdered, if he would avenge my death. He said no, he would just make sure the killer got the justice and the punishment he deserved. And then I, in my naivety, was foolishly upset with him for the rest of the day. He loved me, so I had imagined a romantic, brave or heroic answer, not the sensible one I had received. Later that evening he told me that if he, in anger, avenged my death by taking out the murderer, he would not be able to live with me in heaven :)

Sunday, June 4

I simply LOVE to mow

I love to must think I lie
For not many folks enjoy it as much as I.
The warm sweat trickles down my skin
A sweet-looking tan from this I'll win.
I'm filled with pride as people through the fence
Ooo and Ahh and give me compliments.
The smell of fresh-cut grass fills my nose
As I struggle to wind up the looong hose.
When the hard work is through
I lay in the shade and kick off my shoes.
The dog next-door disturbs me as he barks
As non-existent mohawks line the tire marks.
When asked to brother will whine
But I simply love to mow.... I'll do it every time.

My Memorial Day with McGee

Saturday, May 27

Last Tuesday

Feliz Cumpleaños!

bp- is that the best way to say it?
Delhimi- what should I say instead?

Saturday, May 20


"Good night, good night! parting is such sweet sorrow. That I shall say good night till it be morrow." -- From Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 185)

Sunday, May 14

Taipei 101